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Our Mission

Ideal Junk Oklahoma’s mission is to make the Environment a better place one Junk Removal Customer at a time. How can we accomplish this goal? By Partnering up with local community leaders and our Future Customers and friends.

We will start by separating all the junk we collect, We will recycle and repurpose everything we can. limiting our impact on the planet’s ecosystem. but also helping it by limiting how much ends up in the landfill.

Earth Day Every Day

Every Full load of Junk We will plant a new tree We know that everything we do has an impact on our planet. So every day we leave it a little better than it was when we woke up. So when you support us as a business you are supporting a green business looking to make an impact on our planet for the better.

Our Story

Our Founder started Ideal Junk Removal back in 2019 and hit the ground running, this is a picture of his first dump trailer.

he started with a pickup truck and would charge by the truck load, with a goal of paying for new dump trailer in full after one year.

Within 6 months he had the money, Drove to the local Trailer Dealer and picked up this trailer. The rest is history. We found interest in the Junk Removal industry after hiring a local Junk hauler to pick up some items during a move.

We are driven by values

Ideal Junks Values

Words can be just that. Only Words. So How Does Ideal Junk Removal uphold its Written values? with promises to employees, customers, and the local community? We believe it begins by verbally communicating Ideal Junk Oklahomas core values in a unique way that everyone will understand them and then can act upon.

This is who we are. Ideal Junk Removal’s Core Values

Integrity. Acting with strong ethics is Ideal Junk Removals priority for anyone and everyone representing Ideal Junk Oklahomas Organization.

Honesty. It’s one of our top policies. It’s a common core business practice to act with a transparent, but trustworthy manner that will earn the respect of colleagues, our customers, and the general public.

Fairness. Treating everyone with fairnes is the common decency we all deserve and expect from all of our staff here at Ideal Junk.

Accountability. Accepting full responsibility for our actions and inactions is the officiale way we build trust internally with staff and externally with customers.

Promises to our Customers. Creating an excepotionally great customer experience will begin by staying true all of the words we speak and the bonds we create.

Learning. No company has all the answers. A culture of humility and continuous learning is a foundational principle of all successful companies.

Teamwork. When people work at working together, we can create something far greater than ourselves as individuals.

Passion. Having a passion not just for the work we do but also for the people around us, so that anyone and everyone can be bold, innovative, and creative together.

Quality. Top Rated Companies are normally judged by the level of services they provide, so the highest standards can be met and maintained