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Refrigerator Disposal Oklahoma City

Refrigerator Disposal is tough to do alone, not to mention they’re very heavy, and awkward to maneuver, and Refrigerator Removal requires the combined strength of movers to move even a couple of feet.


You can’t simply throw it out with the rest of your trash if you’re attempting to get rid of an old fridge. However, if you manage to get it to the curb, Oklahoma City does not offer refrigerator removal for weekly waste disposal services.

Expert refrigerator disposal services

Instead of handling fridge disposal on your own, let Ideal Junk Oklahoma, whether you have a single home-sized fridge or a couple of dozen chest freezers, we’re pleased to help with both working and non-working fridge pick up.

Once we do the heavy lifting, we’ll make certain your old refrigerator gets donated, recycled, or disposed of effectively in Oklahoma City. 

How do I get rid of my old fridge?

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen or entire home, you may find yourself wanting to replace the refrigerator and get all new matching appliances.

When it’s time to dispose of your old fridge, give Ideal Junk Oklahoma a call. When you hire Ideal Junk Oklahoma to look after your fridge disposal, you can rest assured that it will be properly disposed of.

Can you recycle a fridge?

Most fridges and freezers include oils and chemical refrigerants that need to be carefully eliminated and properly disposed of to prevent damaging the environment. Once this procedure is completed, the fridge can be broken down into separate parts for recycling.

How do I recycle my old fridge?

When you’re all set to recycle your old refrigerator, there is no reason for you to do any heavy lifting. Don’t run the risk of hurting your back by transporting your fridge yourself.

Just give Ideal Junk Oklahoma a call and your old refrigerator will vanish!

If you’re purchasing a new fridge, your local standard appliance retail center may offer the service after acquiring brand-new items. You can also call your local energy business to find out if they offer fridges or freezer recycling programs.

There are numerous responsible ways to do so if you desire to attempt it on your own. If they accept old kitchen devices, Start by contacting your regional waste and recycling pickup services to discover what your options are.

How can I prepare For refrigerator disposal?

Time to prepare for refrigerator removal? there are a couple of steps you may want to follow to ensure that your refrigerator is removed and disposed of properly

Step 1 Disconnect the refrigerator 24 hours before removal to defrost the freezer.

Step 2 You will want to make sure there is no food left behind in the refrigerator. Remove all perishable food.

Step 3 You can remove any removable compartments or racks to reduce the weight before removal begins.

Call Ideal Junk Oklahoma and your old refrigerator will begin a new journey thru the recycling process

What are some signs it is time for refrigerator disposal?

Most common sign? People discover the temperature has dropped and the milk is warm.

Sometimes the refrigerator is making noise and that can be an indication it is getting ready to go out entirely, normally the compressor is the noise culprit.

Every year thousands of refrigerators are thrown out due to the food getting warm, But did you know you should be cleaning the underside of the fridge and the back?

It can collect dust and clog the heat exchange of the refrigerator causing it to not cool properly.

Always a good idea to clean it before you throw it out in this case. 

With all this being said We hope you will use Ideal Junk Oklahoma for all your refrigerator removal needs.

Do you disassemble refrigerators to fit thru doors if needed?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a pickle, the refrigerator does not fit thru the door. In most cases, we require the customer to measure the door to make sure it will clear.

For an additional fee, we can remove the refrigerator doors. however, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure any water lines or electrical is removed by the time it is ready for disposal. 

We can manage your old refrigerator recycling with ease

We take refrigerators of all sizes and shapes, consisting of:

  • Small Mini Fridges
  • Large Deep Freezers
  • Working & Broken Refrigerators
  • Chest Coolers
  • large commercial Refrigerators
  • Side By Side Refrigerators
  • Rv Refrigerators
  • Cabin Refrigerators
  • Meat freezers

Alternative option drop it off yourself here

List of Other Services we offer

Ideal Junk Oklahoma City is your everything solution for all your Removal & Disposal Needs. One Call does it all and every load of Junk Plants another Tree. For every load, we haul and recycle we will donate and pay to have a tree planted in our forest thru our Non-profit partnerships.